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The lovely actress Jillian Rose Reed stars in a very interesting, all new “Funny Or Die” video titled- “Screaming Pool”. Jillian Rose Reed exhibited her talent yet again in this “Funny Or Die” video that will surely be an attraction amongst all to view. Jillian Rose Reed co-stars with That 70’s Show star Kurtwood Smith in the episode.

It’s up to Jillian Rose Reed’s character “Karen” to cure her mom (who repetedly says, “That’s wonderful, sweetie!”) from her oblivious state!

Join Jillian Rose Reed in her mystical adventure and watch her Funny Or Die “Screaming Pool” video at this link: .

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of Jillian Rose Reed’s Funny Or Die video?? Jillian Rose Reed did a great job, don’t you guys think?!

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