From performing at school concerts in his hometown of Gold Coast, Australia to having an upcoming performance at his dream concert venue; the Staples Center. From having his first single, “IYIYI” out to having his debut album release “Paradise” very soon. From a young boy who started his music career off by posting videos on Youtube to one of the biggest phenomenons out. That’s Cody Simpson, for you.

Cody Simpson has been on tour for over a month now, and it’s just the beginning; and if you think the weather was hot already, Cody’s fantastic music and amazing choreography on tour totally made the summer temperature spike! I, Alexisjoyvipaccess chatted with Cody Simpson exclusively at his Jones Beach, NY concert and got the scoop on what it’s been like for him on tour.

We all know that Cody Simpson is such a gentlemen; so I even asked him during our…

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