Liz Stanton is at it again fiming for another excellent episode of her show, Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World… this time at the Knott’s Berry Farm! Liz Stanton who just got back from Portugal and Spain filming for Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World, is joined today, August 14, 2012 by her good friends Rob Pinkston, Jennifer Veal, Alex Heartman and Jimmy Bennett.

Liz Stanton shared these terrific pictures in this article through her Instagram account. Liz tweeted earlier, “Filming at Knotts Berry Farm today with @JenniferVeal, @JimmyBennett, and @alexheartman! I’M SOOO EXCITED! SO MANY RIDES!! WOO HOO!”

Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World is a magnificent show!! It’s interesting and educational at the same time! You get the best of both worlds! Stay tuned to see more upcoming episodes of Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World.

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