China Anne McClain is such a multi-talented person and plays the fun-loving, musically inclined, Chyna Parks on the hit Disney Channel tv show, A.N.T. Farm. But whenever you watch China Anne McClain on A.N.T. Farm, do you always wonder what it would be like to have your own “Chyna Parks” to hang out with? Well wonder no more!!

Disney recently came out with another one of its Disney VIP Dolls; this time with the “Chyna Parks” doll! China Anne McClain shared this picture in this article through her Instagram account and wrote, “Omg!  My doll!! #ChynaDoll.”

Lauryn McClain was so proud of her sister getting her own doll and tweeted, “Yoo hold up! My sister has a doll??!!!! Oh maannnn… I couldn’t be prouder :’} GET IT CHINAAA!!!!!!! @realchinaanne.”

Congrats on getting your own doll, China!! I’m very happy for you and I can’t wait until there…

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